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Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment China

Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

Raw Materials Preparation:

Gypsum: The primary raw material is gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate). It’s mined, crushed, and then heated to remove excess water, resulting in gypsum powder.
Additives: Various additives (such as starch, foaming agents, and accelerators) enhance the properties of the gypsum board.
Mixing and Forming:
The gypsum powder is mixed with water to form a slurry.
This slurry is poured onto a moving conveyor belt, where it’s spread evenly to create the desired board thickness.
Setting and Drying:
As the slurry moves along the conveyor, it sets due to the chemical reaction between gypsum and water.
The formed gypsum board passes through a drying chamber to remove excess moisture.
Cutting and Shaping:
The dried board is cut into standard sizes.
Edges can be tapered or squared, depending on the intended use.
Facing Paper Application:
Two layers of paper (usually recycled paper) are applied to the front and back surfaces of the board.
The paper provides strength, smoothness, and a surface for painting or wallpaper.
Edge Treatment:
The edges of the gypsum board are treated to create a smooth, finished appearance.
Common edge types include square, tapered, and beveled.
Drying and Curing:
The boards are further dried to ensure complete curing.
Once cured, they are stacked and ready for packaging.
Equipment Used:
Feeder: Controls the precise feeding of gypsum, water, and additives.
Mixer: Mixes the slurry thoroughly.
Forming Machine: Shapes the slurry into a continuous board.
Drying Chamber: Removes excess moisture.
Cutting Machine: Cuts the board to size.
Facing Paper Applicator: Applies paper to both sides.
Edge Treatment Machine: Shapes the edges.
Stacker: Stacks the finished boards.


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