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Light Mineral Wool Board Production Line Suppliers

A Light Mineral Wool Board Production Line is used to manufacture mineral wool boards. Let me provide you with some details about it:

Raw Material: High-quality mineral wool serves as the primary raw material for these boards. The mineral wool used is 100% free of asbestos, ensuring safety for human health. Additionally, acicular dust is not present, and it won’t enter the body through the respiratory tract1.
Composite Fiber and Mesh Base Coating: The boards are reinforced with composite fiber and a mesh base coating. This enhances their impact resistance and deformation resistance.
Three-Dimensional Cross-Mesh Structure: The internal structure of mineral wool boards features a three-dimensional cross-mesh structure. This design provides ample internal space and a solid structure, resulting in improved noise absorption. Compared to ordinary mineral wool boards, these boards exhibit 1 to 2 times better sound absorption1.
Moisture Regulation and Antibacterial Properties: The addition of moisture and auxiliary agents helps maintain plate strength while regulating indoor humidity. Furthermore, nano-antibacterial agents are used to prevent mold, sterilize, and improve the scope of application. These boards can be used in environments requiring antibacterial and sterile conditions1.


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