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Calcium Silicate Board Production Line Equipment

Materials and Composition:
Calcium Silicate Slag: A primary raw material derived from industrial processes.
Fly Ash: Another essential component.
Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum: Used for strength enhancement.
Production Process:
Mixing: The raw materials are blended to form a homogeneous mixture.
Forming: The mixture is shaped into boards using molds or presses.
Curing: The boards are cured to achieve strength and durability.
Finishing: Surface treatments and cutting are performed.
Properties of Calcium Silicate Boards:
High Strength: These boards exhibit excellent mechanical properties.
Fire-Resistant: They are non-combustible and suitable for fire-rated applications.
Moisture-Proof: Resistant to water and humidity.
Durable: Long-lasting and low-maintenance.
Construction: Used for partitions, ceilings, and wall linings.
Industrial: Suitable for industrial insulation and cladding.


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